Financial Matters and Divorce

Financial matters and divorce

Financial Matters

The settling of financial matters upon divorce is called ancillary relief. It is usually far more complex than the divorce itself. You may be asking yourself money-related questions such as:

  • What will happen to the family home?
  • Will I have to sell my business?
  • How will the children's school fees be paid?

Our family law and divorce solicitors have a wealth of experience advising clients on how assets and, where appropriate, incomes can best be distributed upon divorce to secure your future.

Ford & Warren is a complete service law firm and so when the need arises we can draw on the knowledge of our colleagues in our Corporate, Employment, Insolvency, Commercial Property, Residential Conveyancing and Wills & Probate departments.

Solving Money Matters In Divorce

We collect evidence from both parties of their income, capital, liabilities and pensions. In many cases we will require detailed statements setting out any contribution a party may have made, any inheritances a party may have had, whether there are any third parties involved, the length of the marriage, the number and age of the children and with whom they are going to live. These and many other factors will impact on resolving who gets what following the breakdown of a marriage.

We look at structured settlements, from now until the children leave home, until you retire and through retirement to ultimate death.

In the majority of cases we are able to negotiate a satisfactory outcome for our clients without the need to attend at Court. In some cases however, for example if such negotiations break down and mediation is not appropriate, then a Court application will be lodged.

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