Administration of Estates

Administration of Estates

The death of a loved one is undoubtedly a stressful time. Our Probate solicitors can help significantly at this time by taking on the burden of administering the estate of a loved one. We advise and assist to ensure a person's will is followed or to ensure that an estate is distributed properly if a person dies without making a will.

Our Probate department solicitors offer:

  • A high level of expertise at reasonable rates
  • A prompt and efficient service
  • A sympathetic approach
  • Creative solutions to complex problems

Our involvement in an estate can vary from simply preparing the necessary papers to obtaining the Grant of Probate, to the full administration of an estate including obtaining valuations of all assets, completion of Revenue accounts and ensuring payment of inheritance tax, arranging payment of liabilities outstanding at death, collecting in and distributing assets to beneficiaries.

The costs involved in dealing with an estate vary depending on the level of work required from our Probate Solicitors and the variety and value of assets involved. Our Probate Solicitors can provide a competitive quote and are happy to meet with you in order to discuss your requirements.

An estate can involve any number of unusual aspects, including missing assets, missing beneficiaries, insolvency and arguments over assets and possessions. We can advise and assist in all situations, not least probate claims. We have successfully helped a number of claimants in a variety of estates, both large and small.

To make an enquiry regarding any estate administration related issue, make an appointment or to receive an estimated quote call 0113 243 6601, or email .

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