It is important for you to make a will in order to have peace of mind that your wishes will be followed on your death.

A suitably drafted will can:

  • Enable you to pass your assets to the beneficiaries of your choice
  • Help you reduce the risk of inheritance tax, especially if you have a business or agricultural assets
  • Appoint guardians for infant children
  • Help reduce the risk of paying care home fees in the future
  • Help with issues including divorce, bankruptcy, a disabled child, second marriage, cohabitation, estrangement etc.
  • Enable you to amend an earlier will in the event that your circumstances and/or wishes have changed
  • Prevent family disputes after death

Without a valid will your estate, on your death, passes in accordance with the rules of intestacy. This may result in your spouse not receiving your full estate or relatives benefiting from your estate who you did not wish to benefit. If you have no relatives the Government will take your whole estate. If you have a partner but are not married and do not have a will, your partner may get nothing.

Our experienced Probate team can assist you in making a will, no matter how complex, and advise on other issues such as inheritance tax, Lasting Powers of Attorney and care home fees.

Create an Online Will

Create an online Will with Q-WillQ-Will is the online will service from Ford & Warren Solicitors. You can write a will in minutes at www.quickonlinewills.com. Our experienced Probate team have created an online wills service which creates a professionally drafted legal will, quickly, easily and at a reasonable price.

Our Gold will package costs just £36, or you can pay extra for our Platinum will package with the added services it provides. Start writing your online will now.

To make an enquiry regarding any Q-Will related issue, make an appointment or to receive an estimated quote call Leeds 0113 243 6601, or .

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