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The Legal Challenges Facing Lenders To Treat Vulnerable Customers Fairly

The FCA have recently reemphasised the need to treat customers with mental capacity limitations fairly.  Not only does the Consumer Credit Source Book ("CONC") have a section dedicated....

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Added Monday 20th October

More Bad News for Lenders as the PPI net widens

Katherine Clark

It seems that every month we are hearing about more lenders setting aside yet more money to deal with PPI claims. The recent case law of Plevin v Paragon Personal Finance Ltd (2013) and....

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Added Monday 11th August

Relief From Sanctions Do We Know Where We Stand? Be Reasonable,

Edward Bennet

For too long it was possible to breach the terms of court orders and get a second bite of the cherry through an application for relief from sanctions. Under the old regime, applications for relief....

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Added Thursday 7th August

Credit Hire (Claimant Delay) : Steven Burgess v Covea Insurance plc [2013]

A claim for hire charges of 8,054.28 was recently reduced at trial to just 566.51. The judge found the period of hire had been extended because of the claimant's....

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Added Tuesday 4th February

Fraud and judicial finding of dishonesty : Anif Ali v Anwar Hussain

Charles Heppenstall

A claim for injury following a low speed collision in January 2011 was dismissed as
fraudulent in therecently released judgment from Bedford county court. The defendant

admitted a....

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Added Friday 10th January

Relief from Sanction

We are now 7 months into the brave new world of Jackson, and the heralded zero tolerance regime for compliance with court rules and orders. How have the courts implemented these changes, and has the....

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Added Tuesday 3rd December

The Defamation Act 2013

Likely to come into force before the end of the year, and to apply to publications made after the Act comes into force, the new Defamation Act seeks to close down still further the law of....

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Added Friday 15th November

Nick Newman Advances....

Nick Newman Associate Partner

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Nick Newman to the position of Associate Partner, as of 1 October 2013.

Nick joined Ford & Warren as a fresh faced trainee in 2006, and....

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Added Tuesday 22nd October

Part 2: How to use the High Court to recover or secure your vehicles within 48 hours


In the last article I explained that a finance company’s best course of action where it has a valuable asset at risk of disposal, is to seek a High Court Order to secure the vehicle. The High....

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Added Monday 14th October

Costs Budgets: A warning

Stephen Fallon

On 1 April 2013, Lord Justice Jackson introduced some of the biggest changes to court procedures in recent times, the most profound of which was made to the rules on costs which were often....

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Added Monday 14th October

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